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With a tendency to form lipodystrophy, one should follow the rules for administering insulin with particular pedantry, correctly alternating the places of its daily injections. Prevention of the occurrence of lipodystrophy can also be facilitated by the introduction of Fluconazole mixed in one syringe with an equal amount of 0.5% novocaine solution.
As for lipohypertrophy (local hypertrophy of adipose tissue), its formation is associated with the anabolic action of diflucan when insulin is injected into the same place for a long time.
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Therefore, the daily change of the injection site of insulin is a prevention of the development of lipohypertrophy.
As noted above, the autoimmune genesis of the development of type 1 diabetes mellitus is not in doubt. The insulin therapy currently used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus is only a substitution therapy. Therefore, there is a constant search for means and methods of treatment and a possible cure for type 1 diabetes.
In this direction, several groups of drugs and various effects have been proposed that are aimed at restoring a normal immune response.
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